WOD: 10-18-2010


WOD: 10-18-2010

“TEARS & POWER” benchmark

Clean (Power or Full) 1 RM

All of the following performed for 1 round  max reps in 60 sec with 60 sec rest in between:

Row (calories)



KB Swing


Pull Ups

Your greatest competitor in this challenge is yourself.  Eat right, train hard and you too could “eat lightning and crap thunder”, or just get past that stubborn plateau either way you already won. 

Thanks to CrossFit Invictus for the WOD.

Go Heavy or Go Home! However that little bend in the arm on his clean, cost Tim in the end.


No TEARS yet, but lots of POWER!

Midway through Burpees, Cassie was savagely attacked by her own pony-tail.

The Tatooed Burpee Blur is back. Good to see you Mac.

What a way to end the day!

8 Responses

  1. drew

    No posts today huh? Too many numbers to remember?
    Can’t remember them all either! Good job 5AM. This was a good way to set the bar. Looking forward to one month from now when we see the results.I think tomorrow is part of it also.

    1. Marianne

      Okay I am not trying to denouce the Paleo diet but there are plenty of anthropoligical evidence that suggest that humans have consumed wild grains when it was made available to them during the upper and middle paleolithic(due to climate of course) I am pretty sure caveman did not sit around and cherry picked what they were having for dinner at night when food was scarce. They ate to live not live to eat

  2. Zach

    True grain and other like nutrients were available but the knowledge of how to eat and process them were not known. A whole grain is for the most part completely indigestible in the human body and can cause serious if not fatal illness when consumed in its raw form. Just Google why you have to boil, grind, smash corn before you can eat it. The article claims that this new evidence goes back 30,000 years when Humans have been around for millions of years so that is merely a blip on the evolutionary time line.

  3. Marianne

    The article sites the discovery of pestle grinders that turned grains into edible flour, I am pretty sure that meant they had knowledge of how to eat grains 30K years ago. I just find it interesting anthropoligically or maybe purely conincidental, that agriculture began widespread at the end of the ice age. From the onset of the very first species of “homo” like you said some 2-3 million years ago(although the neanderthals or caveman as we like to call it evolved 400K years ago and the present day homo sapiens did not evolved until 250K years ago) we have been in a perpetual glacial period until 10K years ago which was when the ice age ended and neolithic age of agriculture began. In short I accept all the science and research on why grains are bad for you,etc etc but anthropoligically I am arguing that cavemen did not decide on a diet of game,nuts and fruits because they thought it was good for them but because it was all that was available to them.

  4. Marianne

    And to prove I am now a Paleo believer, I am now a 2 bowl of rice a week rice eater versus 6 days a week……. 🙂 Oh the sacrifices you make for the sake of of so called fitness….

  5. drew

    Marianne you are correct they ate to live. Much like our grandparents. However we live in an time and place where “food” is plentiful and cheap! We eat way too much way too often and it shows.

    I will [try to] avoid a “Soap Box Moment” here and try to remain practical. While humans have been consuming grains for a while now our bodies are not designed to digest grains, beans, potatoes etc. These things must be processed as Zach pointed out to be consumed if not they are “poisonous”. The argument can also be based on many other things such as Insulin stimulation, Leaky Gut Syndrome etc.

    Consumption of these foods will also cause your body to retain unnecessary water weight due to some strange osmotic pressure issues within your body, which thinks you are trying to dehydrate it, when you eat these items.

    Also the fact is that we have been INUNDATED with processed foods. Almost every processed food you eat has high fructose corn syrup (including Yogurt) or a derivative. Bottom line you put a huge strain on your body by consuming these items. This is an argument with out end. I don’t think you have to eat Paleo at all, much less everyday of your life, but creating “good” eating habits is very important. Believe me you can tell the difference in your performance as well.