WOD 10-19-2010


WOD 10-19-2010


8 rounds of 20 sec work / 10 sec “rest” of each of the following movements:

Squats (rest in the bottom hold position)

Push Ups (rest in the locked out plank position)

Sit Ups (rest with legs extended and feet 6 in off of the deck)

KB Swings  (rest is any way without letting the KB touch the ground)

Thanks to MFT at Gym Jones for this golden oldie

Garret auditioning as our new logo.



Julie "took it easy on her right arm" but no time to slow down training.


Dick ends his busy day with a little "rest".

14 Responses

  1. Buckeye76

    Hell is correct. This WOD, after Saturday’s, left my shoulders and legs hurting (in a good way) while executing the WOD. The rest was more brutal than the actual reps. Don’t remember my individual numbers but nothing was under 8.

  2. Chris D

    Continuing the debate from yesterday…Any of you nutritional scholars have knowledge of Quinoa? Gluten Free Whole grain which is supposed to have the best amino acid profile of any grain. Granted it is still a grain and can not compare to the amino acid profile of red meat, but it seems that if you have to have a grain “fix” then this would be a good source to utilize.

      1. Dick D

        seeds are paleo. Not sure where quinoa falls in all that categorizing mumbo jumbo. I like it and it doesn’t spike my blood sugar (at least I don’t get that sugar rush that I do from pasta and breads).

      2. Dick D

        My two cents here. I use quinoa as only a partial carb source in a meal. In other words, I use 1 or maybe 2 blocks (zone measurements would be 1 block = 3/4 cup of cooked quinoa) of quinoa and have other choices (lettuce, spinach,apples etc) to fill in the other blocks for the meal.

        I’ve been eating quinoa for about a month now (sporadically) and haven’t had any digestive distress. That being said there isn’t much out there that messes with my digestive tract unless it’s bacterial in nature. Foods rarely mess me up.

      3. Marianne

        I think I will try that Dick, what type of texture does it have? From the pics it looks like a hybrid a couscous and rissoto?

    1. Chris D

      Now we r talking my language. haven’t had one of those in forever! Thanks for making me hungry and ready to give in to my cravings.

  3. brad

    Yes! A CFSB wod I can do as rx’d in a hotel. Got the requisite strange looks

    Have no idea of rep count. Too hard to time, count rounds while crying. Ah, is this the “tears” part?

    Clean eating (forget paleo) near impossible on business trips. Too many temptations, too few alternatives

  4. Casey

    Too few workouts, too many indulgences. I feel terrible. Zach you are a wonderful trainer and I love being in your class. Thanks for all the stretching tips today. And I seriously want to apologize to you and all the poor souls of 5:30 who had to listen to me whine and complain through this workout. Terrible, just terrible.

    **I do however, think I thought of the best way to “rest” with my kettlebell!

    1. Tim M

      I don’t know Casey; I put my feet close together & rested the KB on my feet – no stress at all on my arms. Worked pretty good!