WOD: 10-22-2010


WOD: 10-22-2010

Swing and Shuttle

For time 3 rounds of the following:

KB swing (light) x 10

Carry 30m

KB swing (med) x 7

Carry 30m

KB swing (heavy) x 5

Carry 30m

Athletes are in teams of two, one athlete completes all three swing and carries and then tags partner.  When KB are back in original position that is one round.

Julie and Lynn discover this might look easier on the board.

The Girl-rillas tore into it at 8:30.

Anna's recently chose to quit smoking and her performance has TAKEN OFF!! GREAT JOB, KEEP IT UP.

Thanks to the Girl-rillas and Casey for letting me workout with them this morning. GREAT CLASS GUYS.

My future Girl-rilla

8 Responses

  1. drew

    Enjoyed this one. Did the WOD with Jonathan. Weight was 45-53-80 time was either 8:45 or 8:49 not really sure.

    Tire Tennis was 43 total flips and we only almost hit Jim with the tire once.

  2. Ryan

    Don’t know why I love tire tennis so much but it is my favorite warm up. 43 flips. Fun relay with the kettlebells. 8:54 with Anthony. We didn’t use the big bells like Drew and Jonathan, though.

  3. Casey

    Obviously I’m a little biased, but I love seeing the Girl-rillas pictures on the site!!

    Betsy, I have no idea what our time was but you were a great partner!

    Ryan, Thanks for sharing your treats this morning. Have fun this weekend…… Sic ’em Bears!