WOD 10-24-2010


WOD 10-24-2010

“Turkey Trot”  (you gotta earn mom’s pecan pie)

AMRAP 12 min of:

Run 200m

Deadlift x 5

First came the running.

Then came the pulling

That had an effect.


Some more than others.

5 Responses

  1. ryan

    Good wod. Much cooler than getting up early thanksgiving day to run thru the woods. 6 rounds 200m. 225# DL.

    Hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

  2. brad

    I stink at snatches. Need to work on this weakness soon.

    wod – 7 rds @ 295

    ryan – i have to run tomorrow. tradition for many years

    blessings to all