WOD: 10-26-2010


WOD: 10-26-2010

3 Rounds of the following:

Cleans x 15

Run x 400m

Rest 2 min

Each round times individually.

Kevin and Betsy (sounds like my grandmother's "heavens to Betsy").

A shameless plug, thanks for getting low enough to see the wall Mac.

Sometimes when running a little "inner dialogue" helps. Kevin appears deep in conversation.

Trey still prepping for Marine recruit training and for whatever the Corps throws at him.

7 Responses

  1. Dick D

    OK so I get the dunce award for the day. I showed up at 0555 hrs thinking it was Wednesday and I was gonna get my sweat on at 0600 hrs. How many burpees is that for Penance (sp)? See y’all on Thursday.

  2. Ryan

    This WOD was much tougher than it looks on the board. This took it all out of me. 80lbs, 3:54, 3:50, 3:35.

    Matt, you pointed out to me that when you drop into the squat when doing the clean to put my hips back (basically squat like you are supposed to). Too bad I was already cashed at that point but that really helped me understand the motion. Prior to that I was just focusing on taking my feet from close together to apart and that wasn’t getting me anywhere. Focusing on getting into a proper squat position with my butt back made it easier. Hopefully that can help anyone else who is struggling with the move, especially getting low enough.

    I just re-read that paragraph and it may not make sense. Matt, can you re-word that to explain it better because it really did help.

  3. Dan

    I’m still a newbie at CF, so I am seeking input from the experienced. Over the last week I have had an intensifying pain in the middle of my back, the muscle just to the right of my spine. I cannot recall a specific instance of injury. It has sort of just snuck up on me. Sitting for prolonged periods is the worst. While on the one hand I don’t want to miss classes, neither do I want to exacerbate the problem. Any ideas as to the culprit and the best form of treatment?

  4. Ryan

    I am just a lowly dentist, but my cousin is a real doctor so I called him to get his advice. He said that it is most likely one of the paraspinal muscles, but it is a good idea to see a doctor to make sure that it isn’t a nerve. A general physcian should be able to treat this with antiinflammatory drugs and stretching exercises. He said that an MRI wouldn’t be necessary until more conservative therapies are tried. Hope that helps!

  5. Dick D

    Ok so my legs are still smoked from Sunday’s run. Did the WOD at the office and sub’d 500 m rowing for 400 running. Yes Drew I typed rowing.

    85# at 2:45, 3:20, 4:?? (screwed up watch and had to reset rower while in oxygen debt)

    Only did 45# DB on the TGUs. I was really stiff in my hips and wanted to work the kinks out.

    Dan, did the pain start after pullups maybe? could be the lower portion of your lats going in to a spasm?

    1. dan

      Thanks for the input, guys. I will look into both possibilities. Have an appt with the doc on Friday. Ryan, thanks especially for going to the trouble of calling your cuz.

  6. drew

    Missed Tuesday work out and was not willing to drop 50 bucks on cabs to get to CF San Fran. So I did Jonathans push up (lifting hands) and sit up complex. Made it to 15 minutes the ran out of time to finish the set of 16 sit ups. Hope that makes sense. Then I ran (that’s right Dick I typed ran) tabata sprints at 7% incline and 9 mph. Think I miscounted and did 9 rounds, it felt good!