WOD: 10-28-2010


WOD: 10-28-2010

I finally decided on a name “Ugly”. 

” What’s the WOD today?” 

“We’re doing “Ugly””

Its the same as yesterday so everyone can get their mandatory rest and still flex the schedule.  If you feel like you don’t need a day off, your not pushing hard enough.

I like to call this the "What are you doing here Grandad?" look, there was alot of it going around


Trey shows off while jumping on our new NO MISS GIANT 24 inch box.

The Marines are back on leave from California, finally some decent haircuts around here. (and some great performances good to go gents)

Johny is back as well, and day by day getting back to his summertime form. Like Chef said in Apcolypse Now, "Never leave the boat". Welcome back Silverback.

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  1. laura

    I’m super super super super super excited to report that I’ll be there MONDAY 🙂
    I’m nervous about coming back considering all I’ve done is run 2 to 4 times a week each week since I’ve been gone..so I’m sure I have some uber duber sore days to come…. have a great weekend and see ya Monday!