WOD 11-01-2010


WOD 11-01-2010


For time:

OH Squat x 21, 15, 9

Pull Ups x 42, 30, 18


A good start to the day, Johnathan forced a sub 11:00 effort, great job.

Tracy wasn't quite ready for overheads but put full effort and range of motion into her front squats.

Believe it or not, Elizabeth's first day on overhead squats. Lot's of potential here.

Trey finished "Josh" in impressive fasion. The bad news is that when he goes to bootcamp the Corps outlawed kipping on the PFT.

8 Responses

  1. Casey

    Jonathan: “Oh, come on Casey, let’s do prescribed weight. It will be slow but we can do it. I’ll never do the OHS unbroken but it’s worth a try.” 10 minutes later Jonathan and his UNBROKEN OHS were done and Casey is still working….

    10:56 Rx’d……….actually it was worth it just to get to write that after my time…Thanks for the push Jonathan.

    Congrats to Ryan on his first tear!! Looking forward to seeing what you wear Wednesday. Don’t disappoint.

    8:30 Girl-rillas were awesome. Great pull ups Tanya and Renee. Linda fought tooth and nail with Josh and she came out victorious!!

    1. Jonathan

      Good work, Casey! For what it’s worth, there was no one more surprised than me to hit 21 OHS unbroken. Pullups were the limiting factor on this WOD. 10:01 as Rx’d

  2. momsnotfuling

    Enjoyed being a girl-rill today. Push jerk with great partner Judi and got all the way to 105#. Then Josh squashed me mentally and physically. Soo thought this would be the day that I would put up a DNF on the board, but with Casey’s help/coaching and the encouragement of the others I finished. 16:4?. Thanks and for others- just take it a bite at a time and keep going.

  3. brad

    12:28 rx’d

    too much beer and deep dish in Chicago this weekend (those are my excuses and sticking to ’em). but TU did beat ND, so it was well worth the trip

  4. Dick D

    I’m gonna go with Brad on the “too much beer and bad food” over the weekend excuse. I couldn’t get my shoulders to cooperate so I dropped down to the 75 weight (yes it hurt the ego) and got a 9:28. Managed to get back to my 1RM of 195 on the jerk. If I can make myself work on the technique I should be able to get a little more.

    Welcome back Laura.

  5. Dick D

    Is there going to be a workout Sat? I was just reminded that I am supposed to be at the 4yr olds soccer game at 1045. Therefore, I will not be at the Hammer and Chisel event.

    Hope everyone does great. I would love to be there but the priority list dictates otherwise.