WOD: 11-02-2010


WOD: 11-02-2010

KB Swings x 20, 18, 16,…….2

Sit Ups x 2, 4, 6, ……..20

Box Jumps x 10


Kat dug in and really took on the kettlebell this morning, Very Silverback.

Garret, Brad and Tim all decided that 30 inches would be more fun.

Yeah, that looks heavy.

11 Responses

  1. laura

    very hard for me today…don’t ever NOT workout with weights for a month! super sore and super slow and super tired. I really really really didn’t think I’d finish this one…and though it was hours after everyone else and I was DEAD LAST…I DID finish 🙂 thank you to everyone for the cheers to finish 🙂

    24″ box

      1. laura

        Thanks Linda! Me too 🙂 I think the next time I’ll be there is Thurs evening…have school stuff (band and football) with Gabriel tonight and tomorrow night.

  2. Dick D

    I’m with you Laura, very tired and sore. I felt like a giant tooth ache from my navel up to my chin. Kinda glad I couldn’t get the 95# bar yesterday or my legs would have been just as bad.

    Today, I was struggling mentally. If it wasn’t for the boy I probably would have stayed at home and crawled into bed. Glad to have him back for the next couple of months until Lacrosse season gets going.

    WOD: 55# and 30″ box with a time of 16:33. That 30″ box was a monster towards the end.

  3. Tim M

    Where’s all the posts everybody?
    Pistols were fun, we need to practice them more often!
    Garrett, Brad, & I shared the 30″ box
    Did the WOD in 26:23

  4. Casey

    24″ box 35lb kb
    14:43 shared box with Chris and Michael……thanks for pushing me guys

    Val you rocked this one girlfriend……….good luck Saturday!

  5. Marianne

    35lb KB and decided to challenge myself with the 24in box. Lost a bit of skin to the box but managed a time of 17:18. I am happy with it!!!

  6. brad

    30″ box, 53 lb kb

    (just for the record, Tim must have added ten minutes to his posted time because both he and Garrett finished before me)