WOD: 11-04-2010


WOD: 11-04-2010

The “Dirty Bear” rides again.  For those new to the Silverback Nation, we repeat our Wed and Thurs WOD’s to allow all the athletes a mid-week break while still keeping the entire crew on the same page in the training log.  If your going all out, this off day is a force multiplier in keeping your workouts intense and your progress steady.

Drew didn't let jet lag and bad food impede his performance.


The final Silverback Nation hurricane response drill of the year, keeping the weights high and dry.


Anybody see Brad in the back sneaking in an extra workout this week, "I couldn't sleep". You gotta love folks who MAKE EXCUSES TOO WORKOUT!

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  1. brad

    ACF added an event to the Hammer and Chisel. A max ground to overhead effort that can be done at any time throughout the day. All of Matt’s coaching on cleans and jerks lately should prove to be very beneficial.

    Good luck Val, Garrett, Zach and Ethan! Let’s see some PRs!

    Separate note – for those of you looking for non-Crossfit, non-Paleo behavior Friday night, Big Hand Joe is rocking it at Papa’s Icehouse up near the Woodlands. Info on a flyer taped above the desk at the box.