WOD: 11-07-2009


WOD: 11-07-2009

Saturday Ambush: Wall Ball Tag Team

TM#1 Rows 500m

TM#2 Wall Balls (m:20lb, f:12 lb) until TM#1 completes row.

Switch, repeat = 1 round     (3 Rounds for time)

Saturdays are the day to grab a buddy and come in and get a taste of what we do FOR FREE.

Scaling: Tim and Linda provided a great example of how we use scaling to generate the same results for athletes of widly variyng ability levels.  Linda and Tim were on the same team, Linda is new to high intensity training and has only worked out off and on in recent history.  Tim is an experienced CrossFitter able to handle most workouts and movements as prescribed and they are married so they need to get along after the workout is over.  Here how we did it.

Tim as prescribed above, Linda 250m row and squats instead of wall balls.  Linda is still working on her posture and depth on squat, to graduate to wall ball is getting the cart before the horse.  Here’s the cool part, their rowing times varied by 10 to 30 seconds, 8 was the biggest difference in Tim’s wall balls vs. Lind’s  squats and round 1 both scored a 30.  14:46 later they were both grateful to be done.  WAY TO PUSH THROUGH FOR THE TEAM

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  1. Linda

    Team Jacob, oh sorry, Team Tim/Linda.
    Round one Tim row 500 Linda goblet squat 30
    Linda row 250, Tim wall ball 30
    Round two Tim row 500, Linda squat 24
    Linda row 250, Tim wall ball 27
    Round three Tim row 500, Linda squat 20
    Linda row 250, Tim wall ball 28
    Total time for 3 rounds; 14:46

    Thanks Matt, because of this workout I am too wiped out to go to the Craft Fair in the Woodlands. This problably makes Tim VERY happy.