WOD: 11-09-2010


WOD: 11-09-2010

Team Tackle

Athletes pair up A1 completes the movements while A2 rows for calories.  At completion of reps athletes switch position for a total of 3 rounds.

Deadlift x 10

Push Press / Push Jerk x 10

Row (Calories)

Deadlift "Face Off"

Moving fast and moving heavy.

The other half of the team.


JP starting to find his rythm.

7 Responses

  1. Dick D

    Warm up was good to go. Need to make myself get more smooth on consecutive box jumps. I just can’t seem to get my hops workin’.

    SWOD: 45-50-55-60-65-70-80-85-ran out of time but that was right at my limit. Probably started too light.

    WOD: DL: 260 PP: 100 ; Partner: “The Boy”; Calories: 174; clock: 12:01; Adj Time: 10:34

    I was really spent on the middle rd. I checked out a little on the third row mentally and gave in to the fatigue.

    1. brad

      Dick – Garrett and I did the same progression on TGU except I failed at 85 (oh so close). And Chris better not be doing a 260 DL and 100 PP on this wod or else I’m going to have to go find an old folks’ box. Dang.

      With Graig (hope I got the spelling right), @225 DL and 105 PP, 9:37/127 cal

  2. Casey

    Cassie, You were a great partner. Sorry I was pretty slow……..this kind of workout will make you wish your PR’s weren’t so heavy……sort of.

    Ryan, I probably won’t be at 5AM b/c it’s Emma’s birthday and I’m making a special breakfast. Can you please leave me your email on the board? I need a favor! Thanks.

  3. Tim M

    Did the WOD with Bear and he did a LOT of rowing :>
    We did 240#DL/115#PP in 10:14; rowed 148cal
    Final calcuated time of 9:00

  4. Christina

    First time to the box at 5am in a LONG TIME and where were CASEY and RYAN??? In bed sleeping! Jonathan was there to keep Gary company though.

    Leslie U was my partner and she was bad ass! We did 125# DL, 55# PP, finished WOD in 6:27 or something like that. Looking at the times maybe we did go a little light, but not by much. Oh well, I was glad I got my bottom out of bed.

    See you soon early risers. Kids start basketball season and the only good time for us to work out will be 5am! Hope I can get up!

  5. gary

    Also glad to be back at 5. Way too much time off for work/travel and other conflicts recently. Getting back in the swing is as painful as the first day I started, but quicker recovery.

    Teamed with Jonathon and netted 7:47m. DL-225# and PP-105#. Can’t remember the calories.

    Good to see everyone again.