WOD: 11-11-09


WOD: 11-11-09

For Time: Cleans (10-1) w/ Burpees (1-10)

The ones that look simple on the board are always the hardest.


Casey with Chuck Norris like effort pushes the earth away

6 Responses

  1. Casey

    First off, Matt thank you so much for your service to our country!!
    This morning was fantastic!! Cleans were a killer, but the entire morning was something new and I LOVED it!!

  2. Linda

    OMGosh! we rowed, we jumped rope, we push pressed, I was done. WHAT! we still have a WOD to do?! Tim did it as perscribed with a time of 11:14. I did push ups against the mats in the place of burpees. I think there were evil gym gnomes adding weight to the bar and holding me down on push ups on the last part of the wod. My time 13:52.

  3. silverbackmattp

    12:34 (135lbs)
    We did a 3X5 Push Press before the WOD and this was the weight we used for the Cleans, oddly enough it worked out to be 60 to 65% of most of the athletes body weight…hmmmmm. That’s going to be filed away in the coaches log for further study.

    Bottom line INTENSITY and EFFORT WERE THROUGH THE ROOF, Casey you took it to a new level today, welcome back. Linda there is not an ounce of quit in you keep it up.

  4. Lauren S


    I didn’t get a chance to tell you yesterday…THANK YOU for protecting our freedoms and serving this great country!

    I really miss you guys!! 🙁

  5. Gary

    Now that was a thorough workout start to finish. Looking forward to the day when I can bust it the entire workout without passing out. However, I’m confident that Matt will challenge me more the next time so that I never get there. I’m OK with that.

    I offer congratulations and kudos to my lovely wife for tying me today in the POW. Great job!!! I’m very proud of her. She does make it fun.

    Going to bed early tonight. Hoping my daughter doesn’t wake me up again at 1am with hives like she did last night.