WOD: 11-13-2009


WOD: 11-13-2009

Friday the 13th (maybe I should wear my hockey mask to train tomorrow?…..naaaaa)

Fight Gone Tabata (medium)

Wall Ball x 8 intervals

Sumo Deadlift High Pull x 8 intervals

Push Press x 8 intervals

Rowing x 8 intervals

Total # of repetitions

6 Responses

  1. Casey

    Annie’s little sister was sweet 🙂
    I still do not care for deadlifts- choosing not to use th word hate
    Tabata Gone Bad…….I actually liked it, alot. Doing that much work and getting a score of 183 is way better than doing that work and having a score of 22! This one worked for me mentally. Next week I am bringing a scale to weigh the wall balls………I know Matt won’t care and won’t change them but it’s my idea of a protest!
    Matt, I will also bring the soap for Gary’s mouth.

  2. Gary

    Hey, I apologized and asked for forgiveness for that one.

    Proud of all the ladies. Everyone of them motivates me in a different way. I’m going to start brainstorming on some new nicknames. Hmmmm…..

    Another great workout today, from the warmups, to Olympic strength training, to POW. Annie’s sister gave us a good warm up. I’d hate to meet Annie. 285 max on deadlift. Confident I can do better with strengthening and better technique. 178 on FGT. Can do better. I think my ultimate goal is to beat Casey some day before I die.

    Thanks for taking pullups out today. I would have missed my tee-time. Hoping all of this workout regimen will help me stay within my swing and keep it in the fairway. I may just walk and carry my big old bag. Heck, I think I’ll strap some 25 lb sandbags on it as well. Urragggh!

    Matt, give me a shout, if you want to meet Sunday afternoon to work on your signage.

    1. Gary Hemeyer

      Well,… I found a good excuse for a bad golf game (even though it might have more to do with my lack of focus, consistency, and practice.) Played good the front 9, took a short break for lunch, and my muscles told me to stop messin with them and took a break of their own between Hole 10 and 14 before they got warmed back up again. It was like “golf gone tabata”.

      1. silverbackmattp

        I think your on to something there Gary, Tabata Golf, another one for digestion in the coaches log. Great effort all. Linda made it in late and sore and then crushed it. Great the have Michelle back in this morning as well. Remember guys the workouts only seem random, we got a plan and you guys are executing beautifully, enjoy the weekend silverbacks

  3. Linda

    Ugh, Forgot my all important log book so here are the results I remember. Did modified “Angie/Annie” in about 5 minutes. Deadlifted starting at 105 and worked my way up to 135. FGT in 151. Really sore from wed wod, but feel much better this morning. Watch Amazing race on Sunday and see ya’ll again on Tues morn, God willing.

  4. Gary Hemeyer

    I never want to meet Annie! That was so hard! By the way, I never thought I would be doing a warm up for my warm up! And Casey bring some soap for sure. You hold Gary down and I will wash his mouth out! I’m not strong enough to hold him down yet, but you are. See you in the morning.