WOD 11-16-2010

4 Responses

    1. Dick D

      Pullups: 16-??(11)-10-10-9 : This was the first sign that things weren’t going too great for me.

      WOD (95#): 2:35, 3:0?, 3:2?
      Cash out: 16 Burpees.

  1. brad

    “I’m not a smart man, Jenny”… and my wife’s name is Jenny which would explain why that’s my favorite Forest Gump quote

    Heck, Dick, for not being in the game tonight (your perspective, not mine), you did great. I know it’s all about personal performance vs expectations, but 56 deadhang pullups is awesome.

    @115, 3:03, 3:38 and 3:42. 15 burpees