WOD: 11-17-2010

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  1. Christina

    It was SO hard dragging my butt out of bed, but I’m glad I did. I actually did decent, probably had to do with the fact that there were no weights involved.

    Times: 1:27, 1:30, 1:37, 1:47, 1:58 (I think.)

    So good to see all the gorillas this morning and thank you Rachel for being my accountability parnter and making me show up this morning.

    1. Rachel

      Ditto – thanks for being my accountability partner Wednesday and my modified WOD partner on Thursday.

      Christina and I did a modified WOD today as follows.
      5 rounds of:
      Fill a pallet with 45 20-lb. boxes* for time.

      * The boxes were filled with 20 pounds of beans our kids had bagged. We were on a field trip to the Houston Foodbank today, and couldn’t help but bring our Crossift mentality along! 🙂

  2. Buckeye76

    Very good WOD before the “Tears and Power” final on Friday. The cash-out of 20 dead-hangs was difficult. I like the cash-out concept; it makes you dig a little deeper after a WOD. Times for today are: 1:41 / 1:35 / 1:39 / 1:51 / 1:59.

  3. Dick D

    Making this up manana. Been fighting a stomach bug all day today. I’m in no condition to do much of anything today.

  4. momsnotfuling

    Those pesky numbers again! Used red band on WOD. 2:55, 3:21, 3:19, 4:00, 4:32. Like I said on the board “done”. Great a.m. group

  5. brad

    1:30, 1:28, 1:36, 1:29, 1:52

    fourth round killed me trying to chase Trey (who better post his damn numbers because they were impressive)

    a great variation on a brutal, classic wod

    Jim – in rare disagreement with you, I don’t like the cash out. I’m toast at the end of the wod. If I’ve got anything left, then I didn’t work hard enough.

    1. Buckeye76

      It has nothing to do with working hard enough and everything to do with reaching down VERY LOW to improve. Come on, admitted it, you like the cash-out, come on it is o.k., admit it.

  6. Kyle

    Finally, a workout with minimal subs for my shoulder! 1:54, 1:49, 1:49, 1:49, 1:50. Only 2nd time in 2 months doing pullups, arms were toast. Then got the cash-out surprise! SUCKED! Marianne and Val were tough cookies today.

  7. Trey

    1:20, 1:14, 1:16, 1:18, 1:36

    The push ups killed me on the final round I had to take a couple of pauses. Then those 20 extra dead hangs for the cash out was brutal!

  8. Zach

    Guess I’ll hope in on this, the cash-outs are awesome!! I am glad that we are starting to do them, gives you a chance to improve on modalities when you are already exhausted.

    As for “Barbie” first 4 rounds done with a 20# vest times were: 1:45, 1:48, 2:09, & 2:30 Push up to there toll in rounds 3 &4 along with being jabbed in the spine on all the sit ups. Final round BW only was 1:35

  9. gary

    Not as easy at it looked. Tried to maintain even increments, but last round of situps caught me winded – 1:32, 1:34, 1:36, 1:38, 1:45. Jury’s still out on cashouts.

  10. Casey

    1:23, 1:30, 1:34, 1:55, 1:49 What got me in the end was pull ups, I just couldn’t keep a rhythm in my kip. I was sandwiched between the Hemeyer’s and they definitely pushed me. Great to see you guys at 5AM.

    1. Casey

      Oh yeah, cash outs……….well I’ve been doing them with my FitCampers and I thought they were a great idea for them……I thought differently when I was told to do them………. Seriously, I liked the burpees but I just didn’t care for 20 dead hangs after my 50 kips in the WOD. There is always grumbling when you start something new but I do like the surprise factor.