WOD: 11-19-2010


WOD: 11-19-2010

“Tears and Power”

Clean x 1 rep max

As many reps as possible in each of the following with 1 min rest inbetween.

Row (cal)

Deadlift (m 225/185) (f 155/ 115)


KB Swings

Thrusters (m 95/75) (f 65/45)

Pull Ups

5 Responses

  1. Ryan

    Awesome Tears and Power Day!!! Went from 150# to 165# on cleans. Got 175# into a squat but didn’t have the legs to stand up. Went way up on pullups thanks to learning how to kip. Improved on all exercises except for row where I lost 2 calories.

    BRAD: what is the name of those shoes? I must have a pair. they didn’t have them at Lukes Locker (though I did pick up a sweet pair of Saucony Kinvaras).

  2. brad

    Ryan, they are Inov-8. Google it for online retailers and check around because inventories are scarce. Many models to choose from though. And seriously, dude, time to change the avatar. Those guns you’re sporting are so beyond Richard Simmons.

    This wod rocked. I wish I had a benchmark from a month ago to compare to. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s numbers. Lots of strong performances. And I forgot how much I enjoy 0500. Will be there as frequently as work schedule allows.

    Props to Jonathan for pushing me on the clean (and for getting a PR). Got a 205, which matches my PR (and lately, simply matching a PR is a good day for me)

  3. ryan

    Thanks Brad! Just placed an order online so my Innov8s are on their way.

    An avatar change is on it’s way as well.

  4. Valerie

    did better then I thought I would this 4 week WOD… its amazing what getting sleep can do… Pr’ed in my clean: 150lb..

  5. Dick D

    Don’t have the numbers with me but I know I improved in each event so I’m happy with that for sure. There was definitely less rest going on during this iteration compare to the last.

    My cleans however need serious technique work. I was basically doing a deadlift high pull rather than getting under the bar. Very frustrating.

    Matt, thanks for the programming.