WOD: 11-20-2009


WOD: 11-20-2009

With all this burpin’ and throwin’ I think I’ll call this one


for time:

12 Power Cleans

2 Burpees

10 Power Cleans

4 Burpees

8 Power Cleans

6 Burpees

etc. etc. etc.

(Thanks to CrossFit Invictus of San Diego for their leadership and the killer WOD)

Yes, this is similar to a workout last week w/ a cleans and Burpee combo.   Today was 4 fewer sets, and lighter weight with strict form and ended up with a BLAZING <10 min WOD.  Everyone agreed after the after the 5 am that there was a “difference”.

I love my job

5 Responses

    1. Linda

      Great workout with Casey. I watched her do the cleans then something clicked and I could do them. My time 9:07. By accident ,once I actually felt myself push off from my heels like Matt has been explaining, Now if I could remember what I did so that can happen again.

  1. Casey

    Matt, I love your job too! I know you put a lot of thought into the workouts and you are seeing the big picture. Thank you for your passion and persistence.

    Linda, Excellent performance this morning, you are so inspiriing!

    8:5? I went light on weights this morning and tried to really focus on the form and not crack my sternum 🙂 Thanks for the coaching Matt……….pursuing excellence and NOT accecpting mediocrity.

  2. Tim M

    Just shy of 6min w/75#
    I too went light on the weights & tried to emphasize form. Apparently I have some really bad habits while doing cleans – thanks for all the pointers Matt.
    Oh, BTW – – – BURPEEs SUCK!
    OK, I’m better now; just had to get that out of my system.

    1. silverbackmattp

      I was looking for sprint times on this one by design, as far as your time I challenged you to finish sub 6min and you did…….by 0.43 seconds, way to accelerate through the finish line.