WOD: 11-21-2009


WOD: 11-21-2009

Come out and get a shot of real fitness!

9:00 on Saturdays  get introduced to our workouts and our band of fitness pirates.   Desire is the only prerequisite.

Had to go with plan B due to weather today but we still burned it down.

Rain Day

Tag Team

For time:

Thruster 21-15-9-6 (team member 1 sets the pace with the thrusters)

Push Ups or Squats (Team member 2 alternates PU and Squats at their discretion however, they must remain in motion throughout the partner’s thrusters)

TM1 and TM2 alternate positions 4 rounds each.

Tim subs front squats for thrusters and reps out in front of young Daniel

4 Responses

    1. Linda

      Jump rope 1minute with 30 second rest X3

      Push Press 3X3 with 45lb barbell.

      21, 15, 9, 6
      I did goblet squats and assisted push ups
      Tim did front squats and push ups.

      Total time of Team Tim/Linda 5:43

      Yippee! this week I did box jumps and full set of goblet squats without getting a headache! Is this progress???