WOD: 11-24-2009


WOD: 11-24-2009

Renegade Man Makers (10,9,8,7……1) 

Knees to Elbows (1,2,3,4…….10) 

I would write something clever, but I’m just too tired.  Tim M. spent another long night getting the box ready for it’s debut.  Thanks for all your hard work and time Tim. 

Newest member  Laura blasted through two of our toughest movements in the same workout,  glad to have you aboard. 



Laura's second workout

Welcome to the Silverback Nation Laura, the revolution begins NOW

5 Responses

  1. silverbackmattp

    Got up and made the Donuts
    20:10 worth of dounuts actually
    This is a long one but it’s tough to accelerate through Manmakers, kinda like running through wet cement.

    Linda, we never got a road workout before you left town so here goes, today (if you havn’t already) 3 push ups, 6 sit ups, 9 Squats. Every minute on the minute until unsustainable. You can go with a rolled up towel for an abmat or do completely without. I’m sure D will love keeping time for you, good luck.

  2. Tim M

    Welcome to CFSB Laura!
    Used 45# bar for TGUs. I’ve done much heavier w/KBs but the bar adds an additional balance component.
    WOD was 20:something w/30# DBs. K2E’s are what killed me; always have, always do.