WOD: 11-29-2010


WOD: 11-29-2010

“Secondary Effort”

Back Squat: set up so the bar can be easily stripped to the new weight to minimize rest. 

 (60%) x max reps, (50%) x max reps, (40%) x max reps

8 Responses

  1. Ryan

    My weight and reps were so low that I forgot them as soon as I wrote them down.

    I either don’t get to proper depth or I’m too fast and too low and not in control.

    I found a youtube video of David Hasselhoff doing squats at Crossfit Munich but it didn’t seem to help my technique any.

    I guess the silver lining is that when you are horrible at something there is a lot of room for improvement. Comforting.

    1. Casey

      Ryan, Don’t fret. Your form will come in time. You are now crowned Pukie King and Flying Burpee King AND you get major style points for sporting the latest Crossfit gear. Relax, it’s all good.

      1. ryan

        Thanks Casey!!! That’s exactly what I needed to hear to back myself away from the ledge.

        I have now taught my five year old to do burpees and flying burpees and even my two year old little girl was attempting burpees tonight. I need to catch them on video to share. Quite cute.

  2. laura

    29 @ 85#
    24 @ 75#
    25 @ 65#

    total reps- 78

    was able to do EVERYTHING without “taking it easy” on my wrist 🙂 YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!! very very EXCITING 🙂

    1. Marianne

      Yay Laura!!!!! So glad to be working out with you again.

      30 @ 105#
      25 @ 85# ( Only got to 25 this set because that was the minimum number of reps Val and I targeted for each round, by far the hardest round mentally)
      33 @ 65#