WOD: 12-10-2009


WOD: 12-10-2009

Same as yesterday.  Why?

Because the effort and intensity that we expect means that after 3 workouts your smoked like a pig at a luau.  Take a day and enjoy the fruits of your labor or at least sleep in a little.  If you did’t work out Wednesday, fine, you took your rest now get up and standby 3…2…1….  See everything we do in a workout on “Our WOD”

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  1. Casey

    I am so thankful for this break Matt. It forces me to take time off. Thanks for all your effort in programming……..I’m feeling it!

  2. Gary


    I’d be interested in seeing any “Traveling WODs” that I can keep in my arsenal. Assuming all hotels have no weights, kettle bells, wall balls, or pull up bars to work with. Also, it would be best if they were WODs NOT named after women – Annie, Helen,… Wouldn’t want Christina to see girls names on my Outlook calander travel dates and get the wrong idea.

    We plan on working out a few times in Vegas (at Bilagio gym or at Crossfit Vegas) but you’ll never know…. because,… “what happens in Vegas,……. ”

    Thanks, and we’ll see you all on Monday.

    1. Linda

      Gary and Christina, Have a fun and safe trip. WOD: Shrimp cleans (at the buffet) 3 reps X 6 rounds , Roulette wheel stretches. Slot machine pull ups..See you when you get back.

    2. brad

      G&C – enjoy your trip and time together.

      Here’s my no-gear can’t-run hotel workout that I named, well, “Hotel”…. (no, the name isn’t as cool as “Filthy Fifty” or sexy as “Eva” but it is functional). Max rounds in 20 minutes of 9 pushups, 12 squats and 15 situps (w/ or w/o rolled towel; your call). I first did it, coincidentally, at the Wynn’s in Vegas and it has now been performed in four star hotels and semi-dives coast to coast. My other main hotel wod is 100 burpees for time.

      My $0.02