WOD: 12-14-2009


WOD: 12-14-2009


For Time: 7 Rounds

Atomic Sit-Up 5
Push Ups 10
KB Swings 15

5:00 am and swinging for the fences!

I have gotten a number of questions on the Atomic Sit-Up.  I am sure this has been around for a long time and under many names.  I found it in 1999 using Stew Smith’s Navy Seal Workout to prep for Marine Corps OCS.  Assume the supine position with heels and shoulder on the ground, bring your knees up keeping the shins parallel to the deck while simultaneously raising your upper body in a sit up motion to touch your toes with your finger tips while balanced on your tail, return to the full supine, wash rinse and repeat.  A good progression for the V-Up.

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9 Responses

  1. TimM

    This is another one of those that doesn’t look too bad at first glance; and probably isn’t if you’re taking your time. But if you’re really ‘Blitzing’ it then I’m guessing the last few rounds are absolutely NASTY!

  2. Casey Wilson

    3 min. of burpees, what a way to start your day! Followed up by 4×3 deadlifts- WHICH DOMINATES MY KITCHEN- But Matt is patient and we are working through it- Then 7 rounds………..go fast and don’t stop……..I think my time was 7:11………according to Matt I should have used the 45lb kb and maybe so………..again, the only female in the 5AM group, not my favorite but I try to channel it into motivation 🙂

  3. brad

    Part of the crossfit credo is to attack one’s weaknesses, right? Well, somehow Matt knew one of my weaknesses – KB swings – before I did and has included them in 7 of the 8 workouts since I joined the gang of Gorillas.

    Casey – you successfully channeled your motivation and blew us out of the gym. I’m happy to swap KBs with you so you can have that 45

    1. Laura

      OMG Casey….HOW DID YOU DO 3 MIN OF BURPEES??!!! NO WAY would rather do 3 min of burpees than mix it up with some pull ups!

  4. Linda

    You look great guys. Tim and I worked out tonight. I changed my 1RM for deadlifts to my 3 round level (165#). Did mixutre of ring rows and assisted push ups for the warm up. Did the WOD mama style with assisted pushups, 25# KB, and a rough version of an atomic situp in 11:32. Welcome year 45!

  5. TimM

    First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA ! ! ! ! !

    3-3-3-3DL was 275-295-305(PR by 5#) – 315(x0)
    Did the MetCon in 8:04 w/a 53# KB.
    I need to work on Push-Ups, they were what killed my time.