WOD: 12-15-2009


WOD: 12-15-2009

For those that attended my boot camp this was not one of your workouts, but it’s sure going to feel like it.  For the uninitiated, be ready to dig deep and push hard.

For Time:

Flying Burpees 25m (Sub Lunges) Yes I changed the workout due to inclement weather, it will likely be the last time, next time we just get muddy.

Farmers Carry 25m

Pull Ups x 10

3 Rounds

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5 Responses

  1. Casey Wilson

    Matt, bless his soul, did not make us do flying burpees in the mud………thank you. Good work out. Zach, excellent effort and speed. Brad, awesome front squat this morning. Thanks for sharing the bar with me, pulling all the weights off when it was my turn, and cleaning the weight from the ground after my failed attempts……..if you hadn’t been such a gentleman this morning I probably would never have caught you on the lunges 🙂 See ya in the AM!

  2. brad

    Nice job Linda, Casey and Zach! I liked this morning’s program all the way up to the second set of lunges (about the time that Casey motored past me). I can do better at this one.

    Burpees, flying or otherwise, in the mud would have sucked.

    Trying to convince my oldest to come to the box with me. Not bloody likely at 0500 so I may do my first evening wod tomorrow.

  3. Linda

    Great group this am. Missed Gary and Christina, hope they/family are ok. Ultimate stretch, Thrusters and then front squats(45#). Did WOD Mama style with ring rows in place of pull ups. I t felt like everytime I got to lunges, I entered some alternate universe , it said 25m , but felt like a couple of miles. Total time 13:51. Thanks for encouraging me to finish.