WOD: 12-17-2009


WOD: 12-17-2009

Same as Yesterday: No we are not stupid or lazy. Just the opposite, we expect our athletes to come into the gym with gasoline and matches ready to burn down the workout like a forest fire.  It takes extra to push beyond your percieved limits and that means 2 to 3 days in row is all we expect.  Take Wed or Thurs to rest and rearm and then head back into battle and make it to Sunday.

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  1. TimM

    Interesting article on CFE:

    His conclusion from the experiment is: “These findings demonstrate that simultaneously training for Stength and Endurance will result in a reduced capacity to develop strength, but will not affect the magnitude of increase in VO2max.”

    Not sure I agree with that. We as Crossfitters may not gain strength as QUICKLY as someone dedicated to strength training only, but I think we still have the capacity to develop the same level of strength. I also think that people who do strength-training only make their great & quick strength advances at the cost of decreased flexability and, as the experiment pointed out, no increase at all in V02 Max (endurance). Slow & steady is the course to GPP.

    Thoughts ??