WOD: 12-21-2009


WOD: 12-21-2009

Late post due to technical computer stuff, man do I miss those Corporals in the comm shop.

“The Wall”: It’s not like you ever hear anyone say that either running or wall balls is a favorite and putting them together seems to amplify the effect.  Then why do it?  Because generally the things we like to do the least are the things we need to do the most.

3 rounds for time:

Wall Ball x 30

Run 400m

Tim throwing so hard it knocked the gym crooked.

3 Responses

  1. Casey Wilson

    This was a tough one! It was 38 degrees that morning, at the gym Christina, of course you wouldn’t know that since you weren’t there 🙂 Anyway, my hands were frozen from the run and my legs were jello from the WBS…….not a good combo.

  2. TimM

    Not be disagreeable Casey but I kind of liked this combo. I thought the WBs would lay waste to my legs and thus kill my run but it worked out OK.
    For the D.L. I did 275# and probably shojuld have gone heavier.
    For the WOD I used a 20# ball and did it in 9:54
    Good MetCon!

    1. Casey Wilson

      That’s okay Tim. I think we will always disagree on any workout with running. Let’s start now agreeing to disagree 🙂