WOD: 12-23-2009


WOD: 12-23-2009

There is an old joke in the Marine Corps that you never want to hear the Captain say “I have an idea”, the Lieutenant say “Its been my experience”, the Sergeant say “Private loan me 20 bucks” and the young Lance Corporal say “Hey sir, watch this”.  So to protect the Marine in my old unit that came up with this (and yes I was a Capt at the time) we will call it Anonymous.

“Anonymous, oh he’s good.” Dumb and Dumber

1 min of each

KB Swing (Heavy)

SBGU (Heavy)

1 min rest

3 rounds

Christmas Vacation in the Silverback Nation

7 Responses

  1. TimM

    Great working out with ya’ll this morning!
    Did the Pistol work; still need to work on balance/coordination on the Rt.side. Lft side I need to strengthen up.
    Rnd1 – 7GUs, 33 KB swings (53#)
    Rnd2 – 7GUs, 32 KBS’s
    Rnd3 – 5GUs, 23 KBS’s.

    Obviously I was going down hill quick. If there’d been a Rnd4 it would have been UGLY!

    C-ya all tomorrow!

    1. silverbackmattp

      Tim left out the most important part of his workout, HE MADE IT TO THE 5:00 am. If you ask me that was your 4th round Tim.

  2. Casey Wilson

    I was issued the M-sandbag and the 45lb-KB. This was a heavy day for me. I got 4-4-5 on the sandbags and I have no idea what I got on the KB swings. I love when “rest” means “rest”. Thanks Matt!
    Tim was in front of me with the XL sandbag. He was putting some moves on the bag that were reminiscent of “The Junkyard Dog”. So glad to have you this AM Tim!
    Nico and Drew, good to see you guys. Hope you had as much fun as we did 🙂

  3. Linda

    Zach, need a seminar on how to do the side ways skips. Discovered that I have no “plank”. 35# KB and small?(felt like med/large at the end, back me up Christina) sand bag. 1st round-25, 2nd round-14, 3rd round-14. I agree with Casey and like the rest time. Was different to see Tim at the am workout. Good, but different.

  4. Gary

    Another good workout. Could’ve gone another 3 rds – kidding of course. Great to see a full gym, especially over Christmas break.

    I think the Sideways Skip is purely for Matt’s own amusement.

    1. silverbackmattp

      If it was for my amusement I would make you do leprechaun hats and repeat “I want me lucky charms”. I haven’t even intro’d the backward skip yet.