WOD: 12-26-2009


WOD: 12-26-2009

“Silverback 300”: Requires good technique and teamwork to move a lot of weight, perfect.

Athletes pair up based on comparable strength

For time:

Deadlift x 100

Push Press x 100

Hang Power Clean x 100

To be performed in order, A1 begins and completes as many reps as possible without compromising from.  Any break in continuity (re-grip, catch breath, balance or make sad puppy dog eyes at trainer) and A2 immediately picks up the march to combined (A1+ A2=100) reps on that lift.

3 Responses

  1. Gary

    Good to see the Silverback family back at it after the Christmas gourge (not really). Funny how the subconscious thought of the ensuing morning WOD can curb an appetite.

    Good strength building WOD. Did my best to stay even with Zac and carry my load. Good burn on the forearms.

    Shoulder press reps felt real good this morning. 3 rds at 125 and last rd at 135. Feel a new PR coming next time.

    See you all back at it on Monday.

  2. Linda

    Zach, Jim, Drew, Gary and Christina,
    Gold stars to everyone for effort and a super star for Christina for being my partner.
    Deadlift 95#
    Push Press 20# DB
    Hang Clean 45#

    Time 15:35

    Hope to see everyone one more time before next year.

  3. TimM

    I agree w/Gary, good to be back & workout w/a large group.
    Shoulder press was 115-125-125-125.
    Did the WOD in 12:14
    Hang-cleans were a killer on the forearms – half way through and I wished I’d skipped the WOD and was sippin hot toddys in LA like Casey!