WOD: 12-29-2009


WOD: 12-29-2009


Thrusters x 200

Why 200?  Most days we push our bodies to the limit and we pat ourselves on the back for our superior dedication and toughness.  There are those who’s day pushes them to the limit and they persevere not only with a smile but bringing joy to others.  Benjamin “Bugaboo” Abruzzo III lived such a life for 200 days before Spinal Muscular Atrophy claimed him, as it did his sister before him.  Please visit a page provided by our friend Shane Gibson and read this story http://curesmawod.blogspot.com/2009/11/sma-awareness-wod-december-29-2009.html let it move you, we are not raising money just awareness for SMA.  No matter how bad this workout hurts I will do it with a smile because Bugaboo set the bar high and I have no excuses.

Please post your times and comments to http://curesmawod.blogspot.com/2009/11/sma-awareness-wod-december-29-2009.html

200 Thrusters, its a journey.

The journey takes a toll.

10 Responses

  1. TimM

    Go CFSB, what a great cause. We have a friend/neighbor who lost a child a few months after being born – what a tragedy and SOOOO hard on the parents. No parent should out-live their child.
    My shoulder is pretty raw after last night so I won’t be joining you but I’ll be thinking of you guys and of Bugaboo.

  2. Casey

    13:46 30lb So glad to be a part of this workout. Great job this morning Zach, Jim, Will and Brad. This was emotional. I can’t believe how many people I have met who have been affected by SMA just by talking about this workout. Proud of the Crossfit community.

  3. brad

    18:42 55#
    Having now read the blog about Bugaboo, I’m a bit disappointed I didn’t push harder.

    Great job to the CFSB crew! Don’t forget to post times/comments to the blog above

  4. Christina

    So glad my husband kicked me out of bed to participate in Bugaboo. I had never heard of SMA before today. I can hardly walk but it is all worth it! Good job everyone! My times are back at the box, but I did the WOD in 16:?? at 25#, Gary did it in 14:?? with 45#.

  5. silverbackmattp

    16:43 65lb
    Saw a whole lot of digging deep on this one. I may not get a picture up till tomorrow just cause their are so many great ones. Nikos and Will what a workout to draw first week and you guys went in swinging. You guys motivate me far more than I could ever motivate you.

  6. Laura

    14:34 30lbs
    Wow that was awesome!
    Glad to have been able to do this workout with such a great reason behind it. Very motivating.