WOD: 12-31-2009


WOD: 12-31-2009

“Hips”: Yeah yeah I know, “Where is the clever 2010 workout variation”.  Two days of grinders, it’s time to move fast and explosively again and quite frankly hips are the only body part I haven’t heard complaining about this week.

Sumo Deadlift High Pull

KB Swings

Box Jumps x 10

21-15-9 (Box Jumps x 10 every round)

2 Responses

  1. laura

    Sorry I missed wed and thurs….work sucks!
    I am working tonight…but think I’m getting off early wish there was a early class! Of course it would only help today!! 🙂
    see you Sat.

  2. Casey

    Sorry I missed you guys this morning. My brain said get up but my body said “your crazy!”. I went with the body. I feel a little better today………..honestly doubt I could have executed a box jump- seriously. See ya’ll Saturday!