WOD: 9-9-2010


WOD: 9-9-2010

“GRACE” again

That’s right, it’s your mid-week day off again.  So if you came in yesterday please enjoy the day.  If you decided to eat your candy early and took yesterday off, we are expecting you.  Either way we will all be back and working hard on Friday.

Sprained wrist, no problem. Laura came in and completed four sets of pistols then Grace modified with only her right hand and a Kettlebell. Very Silverback.


7 Responses

  1. Dick D

    Awesome job there Garrett. I got out of bed this morning wishing that I had the time for a rematch with the old girl. Just wasn’t in the game yesterday I guess.

  2. brad

    That is strong, Garrett. Way to step up to the challenge.

    Clean – 1RM 205 (PR by 10)
    Wod – 5:35 w/ 135, but not as rx’d (power cleans and sloppy jerk form)