Scary Sevens

Hang Power Cleans x 7

Push Press x7

Run 400m

Rest 2 min

3 Rounds (compare splits)

A modification of a larger Gym Jones workout, this version suits our purposes nicely.

9 Responses

  1. Gary

    You also missed your favorite…. Running. After yesterdays’ squats and today’s running, Christina and I look like we need our walkers. Feels good.

    I was thoroughly impressed with your skipping abilities, Drew. I have to apologize. Christina and I returned home with an extra bottle of water. Sorry about that, if it was yours.

  2. brad

    so what’s a ghetto get up? pls clue in the newbie

    did mainsite wod tonight — 19:04. not proud of the result but given yesterday’s full frontal assault….knees hanging in there

    again, will miss tomorrow 0500

  3. Linda

    One round max of Turkish get up-25#
    35# for power clean and push press. Didn’t hear time for first round but round 2= 3:08 and round 3= 3:07. Great am group. Missed you Casey.

    1. brad

      I haven’t done a TGU and I want to. Matt – I’ll be there at the 630 tonight. Can Laura and I have a dose of TGU?

      1. laura

        OH BRAD!! they are fun fun! 🙂 I don’t know how he’s going to do tonight….class was cancelled last night so I was thinking we would probably do todays workout tonight and then yesterdays on Thurs but I don’t know what Matt has planned! Guess we will both find out when we get there! See ya at 630p

  4. Laura

    TGU 45lb bar 1RM
    WOD- 75lb hang power cleans 75lb push press then the 400m run
    first round 2:41 second round 2:43 third round 2:48