For Time: 5 rounds of

Wall Balls x 30

Sumo Deadlift High Pull x 7

I dub thee Humility.  This was WOD #2 at the Summer Challenge created by some twisted soul or gifted trainer at Crossfit Houston.  Either way, I ended with a DNF and my face buried in a med ball I was using to hold the wall up (no kidding there’s pictures of me communing with a higher power in round 3).  But I think without his buddy WOD#1 to wear us down we are gonna take this bear.

3 Responses

  1. Casey

    I wish to never lay eyes on this workout ever again- EVER!! Obviously Matt did not take into account all I had to do today to prepare for a family party tomorrow. Getting up and down the attic, DEEP cleaning and planting flowers are not accomplished easily with JELLO legs. I can’t even explain how taxing this workout was……..I was humbled myself Matt 🙂 Linda, Incredible job this morning. Your finish was inspiriing……way to push through!