“Broadway Bash”

10 Wall Ball

10 Ab-mat sit ups

Maximum rounds in 10 min

4 Responses

  1. Casey

    What a morning! Great workout Matt. I’m pretty much shredded. I am beginning to wonder if you are harboring ill feelings toward me with all the wall balls I am having to do lately!
    Christina and Gary- Have a great time in New York and Happy Anniversary! It was fun to be in on the surprise.

  2. Gary

    Matt and Casey,

    Thanks for helping spring the surprise. Taking her to a Broadway musical, so the WOD name was appropriate. Christina’s been wanting me to take her back to NY for 10 years. So she’s pretty excited to say the least. I love hearing that squeal. It’s funny how her squeal of pain is the same as her squeal of excitement, isn’t it? Either way, it makes me smile.

    She informed me that we will be going to the NY Crossfit gym for a workout while there. I’m sure it won’t even compare to Silverback.

    Thanks again.

  3. Linda

    Shucks, you have to open up the lab instead of going to monday morning workout and see what you miss!! Happy Anniversary Gary and Christina! Have a great trip!