Tears and Power

Box Jump         5,10,15,20

Abmat Sit Up  10,5,20,15

Push Up              15,20,5,10

Pull Up                20,15,10,5

This comes out of the old file of programs for my Marines.  I’m sure I remember someone on the staff came in and said “Hey sir, I’ve got one for tomorrow”.  I like that you have to remain “mentally awake” to keep track on this one, it seems to me that a workout can’t be functional or effective when you can mentally “check out”, i.e. those on treadmills “doing cardio” while enjoying their favorite show.

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  1. Tim M

    Wow, this looks like a brain-teaser; sorry I missed it.
    Hope you all had a happy T-day & traveled safely.
    Looking forward to getting back into the normal swing of things tomorrow, C-ya!