nothing good ever happens on a Monday

7 rounds for time:

5 Burpees

10 Pull Ups

15 Squats

5:00 am....motivated and dedicated


5 Responses

  1. Casey Wilson

    Great Workout………..I was DEFINITELY whining about the 7 rounds (sorry I’m such a whiner Matt, I’ll work on that:) but in the end I really liked this workout……….just enough burpees, just enough pull ups and the perfect amount of squats to top it off………..put together like a prize winning recipe! Incredible effort G & C !!!

  2. Tim M

    5×3 F.S.: 135-155-185-195(x1)-185(x2)
    WOD was something like 11:16
    I used the small band as I’m trying to build upper body strength.
    I agree with Casey – this one was kind of fun.

    BTW, Linda says “OWWW”! ! ! ! !

  3. Linda

    Front squat started at 35lb and went up to 55lb 5X3. WOD 5 rounds in 13:12. Did assisted pushup in place of burpee. Ring row in place of pull up, and did squats. First workout in over a week and was remembering every piece of pie, turkey and non-healthy indulgence I had that week.