For Time:

400m run

KB swing x 21

Pull Ups x 12

3  Rounds

See everything we do in a workout on “Our WOD”

Fathers and sons, daughters and dads, husbands and wives all working out together. Welcome to the Silverback Nation.

19 Responses

  1. Christina Hemeyer

    Okay, Matt you tricked me by not posting that we had to do that thing 3 times. I never look at the workout the night before or I would make myself sick with worry!

    On another note, since the 5 am group had a nickname at the other facility, Casey has a friend who came up with the MOST creative name for our 5am group, tell me what you think…”GORILLAS IN THE MIST.” I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Christina Hemeyer

    Oh, and one more thing, “WELCOME” to all the new people! It’s so nice to see smiling, happy faces at 5am and then all the red, shiny, out of breath faces at 6am.

  3. Linda

    Wow, great to have a group this morning. Christina, Emily and I lifted 45lb for the cleans. Thanks Casey for the advice. Hopefully it will all come together someday. Did WOD mama-style with ring rows in place of pull ups and used 25lb KB in 15:55. Nice to meet Zachary, Jim, Brad and Emily.

  4. Casey Wilson

    Wow, was it crowded this morning! That was a lot of fun. Emily you are such a sweet daughter for getting up at 5AM for your dad. It was great having you. I can’t remember my time but I was happy with it 🙂 Thanks girls for representing this AM!! Laura, I can’t wait to meet you…….don’t know about Saturday for me………….are you busy at 5AM??

    1. Laura

      Hey Casey! I am eager to meet you as well!
      I am super busy at 5am sleeping! haha Just kidding! ! I would love to be able to get my workout knocked out in the morning and have my evenings free, but it’s just me and my son (he’s 11) and I still feel weird leaving him alone. I’m sure as he gets older I will feel more comfortable with it!

  5. Tim M

    Sorry but I have a Cub Scout meeting tonight & can’t make it.
    It’s a shame ‘cuz I have a love/hate relationship with Helen: Love the WOD but hate my Ex-tramp-sister-in-law named Helen. Oh, and to clarify, the EX is referring to the sister-in-law part; not the tramp part.

      1. Tim M

        What?? I just skimmed the top of the surface. Now if you want juicy details and WAY too much information . . . . . .

        OK, I’ll shut up now.

        Oh yea, I have your Pandas & will ransom back for a PRICE!

  6. brad

    Thanks to all the CFSB veterans who have welcomed the newbs. And I especially appreciate the attention, kind words and patience given to Emily. Now, I just have to get her to come back. A regular 0430 wakeup call is going to be a tough sell…

    Even though today’s workout ran over time, it was worth it. Tabata jump rope was pretty cool and the Burgener snatch practice with pvc was a first for me. Helen is always a great one, and with Matt’s coaching and helpful advice from others I was able to kip the pullups, enabling a PR. I even ripped a callous. Bonus.

  7. Casey Wilson

    You know you have drunk the Kool-Aid when you are excited about a ripped callous! Congrats on the PR Brad……..your kip looks awesome.

  8. silverbackmattp

    Everybody, Helen. Helen, meet everyone. I cannot say enough how impressed I was with everyones effort and progress today. Christina leading the first group on the run or Brad’s 200% improvement on kipping, but I have to give the Gung Ho award today to Jim, who dug deep and pushed to his limits. Give me that everyday and you won’t believe where you can be in a year.

    1. brad

      Matt – a very good picture, but an even better caption. didn’t think of it that way yesterday morning but we had the whole famn damily participating. All together, ala Sly and the Family Stone …. “It’s a family affair, it’s a family affair.” No? Too old? Well, somebody’s got to be the oldest, might as well be me.