“Lil’ More 3vil”: Same format different movements as “Lil’ 3vil”.  The idea is to up the dificulty (dynamic and explosive) level of the movements as all of you have made significant progress in the last 6 to 8 weeks.  The name derives from my source for the format,  John, the owner/trainer at P3 (Crossfit Pure 3vil) south of the Houston Galleria.

KB Swings: 2:00 min work, 1:00 min rest, 1 min work,  30 sec rest,  30 sec work

Atomic Sit Up: 2:00 min work, 1:00 min rest, 1 min work,  30 sec rest,  30 sec work

Burpees: 2:00 min work, 1:00 min rest, 1 min work,  30 sec rest,  30 sec work

Tim and Brad execute the Silverback Nation salute

"Christina!": The funniest warm-up ever.

16 Responses

  1. Christina

    Casey, I was just helping you establish a new Plank PR. You did great!! I’m very proud of you. You’re my first choice for a partner and always will be!!

  2. Gary

    Great to see several new faces at the 5am. You all did great.

    Casey, not sure it matters who your partner is, Partner Pushups is much tougher than first appears. 55 pushups feels like 100 with planks in between, maybe 200 in your case. Fun team exercise. Sure I’ll get smacked for that, when I get home.

    Matt, let me know, if you and Tim need any additional help working on the The Box this week putting up the rack or anything else. Back at the office, but it appears this is going to be a very slow week. I work just down the street. Call me anytime.

  3. Casey

    Christina, Maybe I’m being a little hard on you. Sorry. I still am not sure you got the concept of “team” push ups.

    Brad, Where were you?? Holiday’s are over. No more fancy, schmancy St. Louis gym, get back to the box!

    Drew, It was fun working out with you at 6AM. You definitely get the award for coolest job at CFSB!

    1. silverbackmattp

      Second coolest, you’ll never beat this gig, especially after the debut episode of the Casey and Christina comedy show today.

  4. brad

    We’re back in town and I’ll be at the box for tonight’s 5:30 workout, hopefully with daughter #1 in tow. Back to the usual 0500 routine tomorrow (decidely without daughter #1).

    Looking forward to getting back to the CFSB routine. Am hoping for something heavy. Nine days without a barbell (and too much pie, wine, and cookies) is not good.

    1. Laura

      I’ll be there at 630p-don’t feel too bad Brad….I indulged for a whole week…. 🙁 I’m so scared of going back tonight! Haven’t worked out in a week and 2 days….OMG

  5. brad

    Disappointed I missed this morning’s comedy, but after doing the workout tonight I can see where one’s patience could be tested. Though I thought Linda, Tim and I performed well as a team.

    Matt – excellent programming today. The pushup/plank combo followed by heavy thrusters capped off with that tortuous wod was wickedly brilliant. There’s no way I would have pushed as hard on the wod without your ever-present “encouragement”.

    Tim – hope you didn’t damage the shoulder and recover quickly.

  6. TimM

    Thanks Brad, I hope it recovers quickly too. Getting old SUCKS!!! Way more than the pushup plank thing. At least I set a PR for 3Rnds of Thrusters (145#).

    Great job Linda on the Thrusters, you ROCKED it!

    Oh, and happy anniversary Linda – the first 24yrs have been great, looking forward to the next 24yrs!!!!

    1. Linda

      Tim, Love you more my life, but you mention to Matt “Oh Linda, didn’t you have the 2 1/2′ plates added on your existing 60#s on the barbell for your thrusters???” and you need to sleep with one eye open.

      1. TimM

        Hey, you were 5# light and I called you on it – Live with it! Besides, didn’t you say you LOVED Thrusters and wished Matt did them more often????

  7. Linda

    I can see where this WOD has brought out a little 3vil in all of us. Brad, thanks for being such a trooper and leading us in push ups and you really rocked the burpees. Barely got 3 reps at 60# for the thrusters. Thanks to Tim, I discovered that I cannot do 65# thrusters. For the WOD: 25# KB 64-31-17, Atomic situp(sorta) 36, 2nd and 3rd round ab mat situp 20-9, Squats in place of burpees 36-18-10. God willing see ya’ll Wed at the am workout. Happy Anniversary Tim, love you, but you best sleep with one eye open.