Garrett – CrossFit Silverback




I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me over the last year. I walked into CFSB a little more than 80lbs over weight and couldnt do a single pullup if my life depended on it. Over the last year here is what happened:
Waist – went from 38-40in down to 32in waist
Shirts – went from XXL down to a large
Pull-ups – >1 now I can do 28 unassisted
Dead Lift – 395lbs to 480lbs (500lbs here we come)
Weight – 282lbs as of this morning I wieght 197lbs = 85LBS lost!!!
I could go on and on about the results that I have seen over the past year. My energy alone is through the roof I dont want to go sit on the couch and eat cookie dough anymore haha. I watch what I eat now and make the right decisions on nutrition (most of the time) all thanks to you. You have truely changed my life and I cannot thank you enough. Not only have you built a great box but everybody is like family. Thanks again for everything you have done and we will see you soon.

*Results may vary from person to person.

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