FAQ – CrossFit Silverback


Am I too ______ to CrossFit? (fat, thin, old, young, weak, broken, out of shape)

No, at Silverback our purpose is to change lives for the better. If you have the desire to train, we have the knowledge and desire to train you. CrossFit is by design general and inclusive, we have clients that have battled cancer within the last 24 months, obese, smoker, obese smokers and ages from young teen to Medicare eligible and everyone in-between.

Do I need to get in shape first

Not at all. In your first lesson we will assess one on one where your current fitness level is and build a plan from there. All new members complete five sessions especially designed to get you up to speed on movement standards, safety and efficacy while we build up your work conditioning. We don’t move on until the movements can be done correctly, safely and intensely. New members with no experience usually see gains in strength and stamina and decrease in body weight while still in the Fundamentals classes.

I’m not going to get bulky am I?

Not unless you want to. Our program is not specifically designed to make you larger or smaller. Instead we want to take you to your “best you”, your genetic potential. If you’re underweight or squishy you will likely tone or even gain muscle. If you are carrying too much weight, you will lean out. By training toward our blue print is like going with the current and lets us get results faster.

Is there a contract?

No, every membership is for 30 days. If our coaching doesn’t work for you, just give us a week’s notice and we will not renew your next 30 days.

Do I have to work out with a group

No, all athletes begin one on one or if they choose their spouse or training partner. Some athletes facing bigger challenges or who don’t enjoy the “group class” environment are welcome to schedule personal training time convenient for them.

Can I just work out on my own and use the equipment?

Yes, we have ample equipment and space to allow for “open gym” times throughout the day and offer its use as a stand-alone membership or in addition to the work in our group class.

How do I get started?

We need to talk, we want to understand where you are at, what you want to accomplish and answer your questions about what we can do for you. Follow this link for three different ways to meet with us try out our program for FREE.