Left: size 24/26
Right: size 18

I started slowly changing my lifestyle December 26, 2012. I didn’t want it to be a “New Year’s Resolution” because I was never able to be true to any previous resolution but I wanted to make a lifestyle change.

I was truly miserable and I avoided cameras completely. When a friend tagged me on Facebook in the picture on the left…I cried. The shirt I’m wearing isn’t one of those cropped shirts, it was just so small it wouldn’t stay down. I had gained so much weight that I could barely wear any of my clothes.

So I started making changes. Between the end of December to July, I lost about 38lbs by cleaning up my diet and doing mostly cardio.

I was talking to a friend of mine about my workout routine and he told me to try crossfit. I watched YouTube videos of Crossfit workouts, looked down at my body and thought I’d probably die if I even attempted anything like that. I even pulled into the Silverback parking lot one day and looked into the box to see people swinging kettle bells and doing burpees. The whole time I watched them I was amazed but at the same time all I could think was that I couldn’t do any of this. I was never involved in sports or anything physical prior to my lifestyle change back in December. But my friend kept telling me I should try it so onAugust 5th I walked into the box and met Coach Matt. I was so nervous I was sick!

It only took a few days for me to fall into a love/hate relationship with Crossfit. The hate part is strictly for bear crawls and burpees. In three months, I have dropped 4 sizes and I’ve gained quite a bit on confidence. What amazes me the most is that my body can do things now that were impossible three months ago! I’m still the slowest turtle out there running, I still want to die when I’m bear crawling, but I’m better today than I was yesterday.

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