image-300x300For the longest time I struggled with my weight. All I would ever do for exercise was run and I hated running. I never got anywhere with it. June 23,2012 I lost my Aunt who was like a mom to me . She was only 47. She left behind a 19 yr old and 25 yr old and three little grand babies. I couldn’t let this be me I found Crossfit Silverback in September but didn’t end up going till October 17. I walked out drenched in sweat and sore. Matt recommended Ibuprofen since I would be sore tomorrow. What worse then I already was. I went back and worked through the pain. Best choice ever. At Matts nutrition class he introduced me to Paleo and since then I haven’t looked back here are the numbers

Weight: 205 to 166
Deadlift: 95 to 200 1RM
Pant size: 16/18 to a 12
Shirt size: XL to a M
Push ups: 0 to 13 unbroken
Burpees 1 min: 9 to 18

Overall I feel Crossfit Silverback saved my life. I’m not only losing weight but I’m healthy and fit. Ill be around longer for my five children. Ill be able to run and play with my grandkids and ill be able to make my family’s quality of life better. Thank you Matt, Garrett, Zack, DJ, Dick and Val, for making me a better me. I’m still not the “weight” I want to be but it’s just a number and im happier now when I look in the mirror. I’m stronger then I have ever been and I know that with Crossfit Silverback Ill soon reach my goal.

*Results may vary from person to person.