linda-300x225I had gone some 40+ years without knowing anything about Crossfit.   I had a membership at a “globo gym” for a while I’d do my 45 minutes on the treadmill/elliptical, do a few sit-ups etc. and go home and was surprised that the weight wasn’t coming off.  I went to the first Saturday work out at Crossfit Silverback.  I thought I would try it for a couple of weeks and see how it fit.

The first week was trying.   I was learning new terminology and my body was learning new moves.  I was so de-conditioned that all I did the first weeks were air squats,  push ups against a bench, and ring rows in place of pull ups.  Week by week I kept coming and little by little I improved.  The bench push ups turned into push up against boxes, and one day Coach Matt said “Try a couple of girl push ups from the floor”.  I was amazed when I did it!!!  I don’t think I did girl push ups even when I was in elementary school.  I am starting to do real pull ups (with a red band) and someday with no bands at all.

At the “globo” gym, I could look down and see the people working in the free weight area and it seemed like a different universe, now not only do I know what they are, I am really doing them! Another red letter day was when I deadlifted 200 lbs!

When I began, I did not weigh 200 lbs, but was so close to it I could touch it.  Since starting CFSB, I have lost 20 lbs, but more important my body is getting toned and clothes that were sitting in the back of my closet are now getting a second life.  I feel more energized and I sleep like a rock now.

I have experienced three things at this “box” that I did not get at my “globo” gym. First is that Matt knows who I am and what my assets and limitations are; and he motivates me to excel and improve.  Second is a community of fellow athletes that encourage me during disappointments and celebrate my successes. I really don’t consider them ‘fellow athletes’ at all; they are my friends and extended family. The third thing is to be an example to my children.  When they come to the “box” while I workout, they see that being healthy is important and this is what mama does. This I did not get – or see – at my old gym.

I am still a work in progress but aren’t we all?  What I have learned about myself is that I can push myself past what I think I can do.  Never get comfortable with routine – Routine is the enemy!  Thank you Matt and everyone for helping me discover this new person.  Now, WHO’S THE MAMA!!

*Results may vary from person to person.