large1-300x200I began my transition to a healthy life style back in September 2012 by finally joining CrossFit Silverback awesome gym (community). In October 2012 did my first The Whole30 | Whole9 after attending the gym’s Nutrition class, was so inspired and determined. In the beginning it was tough competing with 30+ years of not optimal eating habits and trying several failed diets, but I survived the 30 days and felt the difference in my body right away. Way more energy, better mood, better skin, no body or joint aches, no headaches, no sluggishness, no crazy cravings or emotional eating… Have been eating Paleo ever since then and it gets easier every day, even if I indulge every once in a while with some of my favorites (anything chocolate)!! I am ever so eager about continuing to educate myself about eating healthy and staying active… Reading “It Starts with Food” has been an eye opener.

Today I am 25lbs lighter, finally developing lean muscles (starting to show some guns baby!!), feeling better than ever, and a firm believer that this works!! And it’s not just me, My Family made the transition too, which makes it way easier and fun, more rewarding too!! The Icing on the Cake… We are even inspiring other people to change their lives too… family, friends, co-workers…!! What an amazing feeling!!

Don’t plan to look back… God willing I will be that badass old lady at The Box doing burpees, handstand push-ups, and everything in between! Plus coaching… Yep it will happen, and it’ll be My Box too!! Call me Coach V!

*Results may vary from person to person.